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    Prototype Demo:

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you want to share your home address but find it difficult because the existing technologies are too technical and goes above your head? The five minutes long conversation with the delivery man about the way to your home that turns useless at the end annoys you? You’re in a problem or see someone else in a severe need of Govt. officials, and you don’t know how to address them your current location? Don’t worry, we have a solution now.

    Ghar Number is a derived application that combines GeoLocation API, Google Maps, Google Plus Code, and OSM to generate an unique permanent digital  number for all the houses in Nepal and Geo-locate them into digital mapping interface for easy navigation.


    Our country do not have any medium to Geo-locate the borders, rivers, roads, houses etc of Nepal and the in-dependency to global techs/platforms is farfetched(at the time of writing this).


    Ghar Number aims to digitally map all the houses by Geo-locating them in Mapping Interfaces making it easier for citizens, e-businesses, government authorities to go to destination for respective use cases.

    House Mapping in Nepal - Ghar Number - Objective - Blog

    How does 'Ghar Number' Application works?

    You’ll need a few things to use Ghar Number Application

    • You must be connected to internet(we’ll make the application run in offline mode in near future)
    • You must know the application domain Ghar Number(we’ll make mobile apps in the near future)
    • When you visit Ghar Number, you’ll require to share your location.

    That’s it.

    Types of Numbers Generated by Ghar Number

    1. Permanent Ghar Number

    The permanent house number will be in the format of xxx-xxxx. The first x is State, 2nd & 3rd xes are district code, last 4 xes are Ghar Number Identifier.

    Ghar Number Interpretation

    Below image illustrate how the actual number looks like within Ghar Number application.

    Permanent Ghar Number

    2. Temporary Ghar Number

    Ghar Number generates Google Plus Codes if you’re in a location other than a house or when Ghar Number is not able to detect your house. The format of these numbers is PC-xxxxxx

    Temporary Ghar Number

    Share your Ghar Number

    Once you have the Ghar Number for your house location, you’ll then be able to share it to next person. You can either copy it and text them, or read the numbers over phone. Soon we’ll bring rich sharing methods for hassle free sharing.

    Who can use Ghar Number Application?

    Literally every common people, e-businesses, government officials can use Ghar Number. Once you have the Ghar Number of your destination, you’ll reach at the front door.

    Future of Ghar Number

    Ghar Number application will be enhanced over time to solve the house addressing issues in Nepal with greater ease. Easy integration with E-business needs, government bodies, and will be more user friendly for every citizens in coming days. Hopefully!

    Looking for Ghar Number Integration for your Business?

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    If you have any queries or suggestions or concerns or want to be part of Ghar Number programme kindly write us back.