Project Role - F4F

    Food4 Fitness offer top quality Premium High Quality Gourmet sustainable nutritional Food, Premium high protein with Premium Ingredients.


    – Mockup Designs
    – Custom Food Ordering Portal
    – Monthly Support


    #Adobe XD, #React, #GO


    A mini Application of Food4Fitness for all the subscribed user to ease their customized food ordering based on their body requirements.

    Requirements - F4F


    First time working with popular tech in GO, the challenges were all there to be seen. However with 100% effort, focus and willingness to get the result, the output was simply outstanding.

    Challenges - F4F


    Aesthetic Desings combined with cutting edge technologies, the result is a joy for customers to order food to maintain their healthy life.

    Another well-done job by Ankit and the team! I couldn’t be happier with the results. Amazing!
    – Matt Wlazlo

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