South Asian Monitor is a premier online news portal offering its readers the latest news, informed views and analysis of the South Asian region and beyond. Dedicated to high-quality journalism, authentic news and unbiased analysis, this news portal reaches out to readers around the world who seek updates of the unfolding events of the region as well as a discerning analysis of current affairs.


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    We chose Helvetica Neue because of its versatility across screens, devices, and websites. It limits distractions and it’s very easy to read.

    Fonts - South Asian Monitor

    Color Theory

    To create something fresh, we set primary color to Gold, Charcol, Light Gold, White and Black. These colors helps the user readability.

    Color - South Asian Monitor

    App Screens

    The app is available on iOS and Android, keeping the app interface as similar as the web to omit the confusion.

    App Screen - South Asian Monitor


    This sector is not known for the quality of its visual design, so our aim was to design a responsive website that is as beautiful as it is useful. This was achieved through a contemporary layout, subtle graphics, clear CTAs and a logical content hierarchy.

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